Year Name of activity
2012 Recovery from Mental Illness towards Life beyond Symptom Relief
2012 Role of Public Health in Mental Health & Neurosciences
2012 Behavioural Medicine: An interface between health and behaviour
2013 Vocational Instructors’ Conference – PRS
2013  Interface between mental health and obstetrics
2013 Stroke Conference
2013 Mental health support for women facing partner violence and sexual assault
2013 Orientation programme on Mental Health and Addiction Prevention for NSS Programme Officers of Bangalore
2013 Innovative Education Programme: Exploration of need and efficacy of internet-based program for the management of psychological problems
2013 Mental, neurological and substance use disorders and injuries in workplace settings
2013 Walking the Line: Ethical issues in Psychotherapy Practice
2013 Caregivers Support & Education Programme Workshops
2013 Practice of electroconvulsive therapy for psychiatrists and psychiatry trainees in the country
2013 Orientation Programme on Mental Health and Addiction Prevention for NSS Programme Officers. Psychiatric Social Work
2013 The psychiatric emergencies
2013 Youth Conference (Youth Pro Action Labs) followed by a half-day workshop on Innovative Methods for Mental Health Promotion (Mind Blitz)
2014 National Conference on Research and Services in Psychiatric Rehabilitation
2014 Second NIMHANS Royal College of Psychiatrists Conference
2014 Capacity building for teachers of Industrial Training Institutes to handle psychosocial stresses of students
2014 Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry: Concept, Practice & Challenges
2014 Domestic skills – A Workshop for the people, by the people, of the people
2014 Sensitization workshop for Government Primary School Teachers On Child Abuse And Neglect
2014 Psychodynamic psychotherapy Workshop
2014 Innovative Teaching techniques in Psychiatric Nursing workshop
2014 Workshop To enhance strategies for strengthening mental health issues among youth in India
2015 Development of an Innovative Educational Program / an internet-based training program in fundamentals of counselling adults for the management of common psychological issues
2015 Workshop on Relapse Prevention in Alcohol Dependence
2015 Workshop on Incorporating evidence-based practice (EBP) into staff development
2015 Workshop to promote awareness on childhood behavioural disorders and its management: Multi-disciplinary approach
2015 National workshop entitled Psychological Interventions in Schizophrenia: Social Skills Training and Metacognitive Therapy in Recovery-Oriented Practice -PRS
2015 Workshop on Community Mental Health Nursing
2015 Workshops to assess medically unexplained symptoms ( MUS), five workshops and printing of the Manual on MUS
2015 Workshop on how to start and run psychiatric rehabilitation services in various setups like OPD, inpatient, stay facilities, community
2015 Publication of a user’s manual with theoretical/conceptual and practical information about social skills assessment and training in persons with schizophrenia
2015 Nuts and bolts of starting and running Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
2015 Workshop to assess and manage medically unexplained symptoms (MUS)
2015 Symposium to enable the professional social workers to update their knowledge and skills in the areas of clinical social work practices in mental health
2015 Workshop titled Team Building in Nursing: Bridges to the Future
2015 Learning from best practices in the disability sector: Implications for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
2015 An Unconference on Perinatal psychiatry by the next generation of Indian mental health professionals’ activity
2015 Workshop on Promoting Dignity through Cognizance of Medical Facts associated with Mental Illness
2015 Workshop: One-day capacity building workshop on psychological approaches to addictive behaviours
2015 Deliberations on Care Delivery (DECADE) for Mental Illness in Rural Communities’ is being planned at Thirthahalli, Shimoga
2015 Integrating Scientific and contemplative approaches to explore the mind
2015 A social skill training program for school going children at Poorna learning centre, Jala Hobli Post, Bangalore
2016 Symposium on Child Mental Health in India: Catalyzing the public health response
2016 Symposium on Quality of Life in Chronic Mental Illnesses: Exploring New Frontiers
2016 Transforming Care at Bedside (T-CAB) for patient care and vitality of healthcare team
2016 Solution-focused brief therapy
2016 Training medical officers in mental health at Anekal
2016 Workshop to provide practical tips and hands-on training on different aspects of scientific publication
2016 Workshop on Psychosocial Issues and Role of Nurse in Child Adoption
2016 Dance/Movement & Drama Therapy: creative mental health approaches to growth and healing
2016 Orientation programme for Nurses on Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
2016 Workshop for NIMHANS trainees in Technology Addiction
2016 Workshop on educating college students about harmful effects of tobacco use and how to quit, as well as to empower them to disseminate the knowledge and skills learnt, and help harmful users to quit tobacco
2016 Capacity building for NGOs staff to acquire essential skills in the management of rehabilitated persons with mental illness.
2016 Symposium to critically evaluate the current status of the neuroscience research on music and meditation to understand cognition and consciousness
2016 Providing internet-based e-Health
2016 Developing videos and educational materials on maternal mental health for skill-building among healthcare professionals caring for women during her childbearing period
2016 How to start and run psychiatric rehabilitation services in various setups like OPD, inpatient, stay facilities, community?
2017 Neuromusicology is an emerging field in the area of cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology
2017 Promoting community and environmental sustainability in Mental Health
2017 Capacity-building Workshop on Strengths Perspective and Assessment
2017 Transforming work environment: Fostering civility in Nursing
2017 Develop & implement an e-learning module on introduction to Mental Health for graduate/post-graduate trainees in social work
2017 Yoga & Indian Psychology and their impact on Mental Health
2017 Life skills training for nursing faculty
2017 Family Emotional Climate – Caregivers’ Role
2017 Management of Sexuality issues among Intellectually Disabled Children
2017 Depression: Let’s Talk – A Multi-disciplinary approach
2017 Anger management of Adolescents for high school teachers
2018 National level CME and workshop titled “Identification, Complexities and Management of Grief and Bereavement in Palliative Care”
2018 Work Place Mental Health Promotion for Nurses
2018 Primer on Genetics for mental & neurological health care professionals
2018 First National Conference on Mental Health Education – MHECON2018
2018 National Level Symposium on Mental Health and offense: Psychological perspectives
2018 Workshop on Cognitive Rehabilitation for Schizophrenia: The Current Status and Future Directions
2018 Psychotherapy training and supervision
2018 Emerging Digital learning techniques in the field of Psychiatry
2018 Community Psychiatry And District Mental Health Programme- An Update
2018 National workshop for Early Career Professional in assessment & management of Technology addiction
2018 Realising Innate Strengths and Evolving – the RISE Workshop fo Creating the Next Generation of Women Leaders in Mental Health
2018 Advanced Measurement and Latent Variable Models in Psychiatric Research
2018 Young people and mental health in a changing world – Govt school students
2018 Sensitization about Mental Health Care Act 2017 and its relevance in the current scenario
2018 Recent Advances of Statistical Techniques in Mental Health & Behavioral Research
2018 Competency-based approaches in psychotherapy training in India
2018 Social work practice in Psychiatric disability management
2019 Scientific deliberations among PSW professionals
2019 Training DMHP nurses Karnataka
2019 National Consultative Meet on ‘Strengthening Contributions of Clinical Psychology for Healthy India’
2019 Common communication disorders in school going children
2019 National Conference on Mental Health Education  – Reporting Mental Health in Media: Words Matter
2019 CME on Adolescence: contemporary issues in the clinic and beyond
2019 Promoting Human Relationship for Well-Being
2019 Upgrade yourself in recent advances in the field of mental health – Psychiatric nurses
2019 Social Work Supervisory Practices
2019 NDA – Annual meet
2019 Latest advancements and clinical applications of Neural interfaces in all aspects of Neurosciences
2019 Well-Being & mental health for novice nurses
2019 Workshop on Translation of Mind-Body Medicine into clinical practice
2019 Best practices in the vocational rehabilitation of Persons with Developmental Disabilities
2020 Application of Research in Nursing Practice
2020 Well-Being Volunteers meet
2020 Bipolar disorder recent updates: Mental health nursing perspective
2020 National Conference on Mental Health Education
2020 Research in Meditation for Mental health