Which activities does the Dr. R N Moorthy foundation fund?

Dr. R N Moorthy foundation supports:

  • Training/educational activities – Workshop, seminar, lecture, symposium, Panel and similar activities
  • Public education activities – Publishing and printing of educational leaflets/magazines/articles for the general public, patients or caregivers

Which activities does the Dr. R N Moorthy foundation not fund?

Dr. R N Moorthy foundation does not fund any research activities and travel or registration fees for attending conferences/meetings

What should be considered while submitting the proposal?

The proposal should be in the required format:Exact budget should be mentioned with justification. Registration Fees for participants is required, except if participants are patients or caregivers

When should the proposal be submitted?

The proposal should be submitted at least a month before the start of the scheduled activity

How long does it take for the response after submission of the proposal?

The response for the proposal will take approximately 15 working days after final approval

How is the sanction of fund decided?

The sanction of funds will be decided by the committee as per the guidelines of the Dr. R N Moorthy foundation. The proposal is reviewed independently by the members of the Foundation and suggestions and recommendations are provided to the Member- Secretary

What are the reports required post funding and why is it essential?

The soft copy of the report must be submitted within a month of the completion of the activity. The report is essential and will form part of the database and will be considered when the faculty member applies for funding in the future