The Foundation

Dr Ramachandra N Moorthy Foundation for Mental Health and Neurological Sciences at NIMHANS was created through a generous donation by Dr Ramachandra N Moorthy, an Indian born Canadian Psychiatrist from Vancouver, Canada in 2012. One of the major goals of the Foundation is to promote training and academic activities in the field of mental health in India. The foundation funds activities such as workshops, symposia, training and public education related to mental health.

A Committee has been formed under the Chairmanship of the Director, NIMHANS and includes the Registrar, Deputy Finance Officer, Visiting Professor Dr Mohan K Isaac, Dr Ramachandra N Moorthy, and faculty members from departments of Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatric Social Work, and Nursing. The Member Secretary coordinates the activities.

An annual activity that is much sought after is the Leadership and Professional Skills Workshop for Early Career Psychiatrists conducted by Prof. Norman Sartorius, Prof. Mohan Isaac, Prof. Santosh Chaturvedi and Prof Pratima Murthy and coordinated by Dr. Arun Kandaswamy.